R 語言與資料科學導論

資料科學家的工作, 可以視為是一個探索、預測與解讀資料意義的互動歷程。而語言分析的工作, 在了解文本資料的語意與情緒表現上是重要的關鍵。本課程結合 了目前統計程式設計、文本分析與自然語言處理技術,希望以較為簡潔容易入門的設計與實際操作導引,希望可以讓毫無相關程式學習基礎的學生在本課程的帶領下,達到以下的學習目標:

What you will learn:

> R programming language and its ecosystem of package for data science
> Exploratory data analysis
> Text analytics and data mining concepts
> Light-weight Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques

This is an introduction to the data science with R, focused on textual data in particular. In the course you’ll learn the intertwined processes of data manipulation and visualization through the tidyverse framework, as well as other text analytics related packages.This is a suitable introduction for students who have no previous experience in programming and are interested in learning to perform data analysis on their field.



謝舒凱 <shukaihsieh@g.ntu.edu.tw>

To further support learning data analysis with the R environment we gratefully acknowledge support from DataCamp. DataCamp are providing our enrolled students with access to over 300 hours of data science videos and interactive coding challenges aimed at strengthening their data science skills.